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Wind measurements

Wind measurement plans

Planning of wind measurement campaign is made according to customer requirements and international standards taking into account local weather and environmental conditions. Result is reliable and high quality measurement that enables customers to receive highest possible value for their projects.

Measurement systems
Measurement mast, Sodar AQ500, Lidar ZephIR 300

We sell and rent wind measurement equipment.

Steel lattice masts 20-160m. Delivery includes foundation, aviation obstruction lights and painting, guy lines, safety rail and climbing obstruction etc.


We deliver different boom systems for the met mast according to customer’s requirements. Sensors we deliver are best on the market and are designed for arctic conditions. anemometer, wind vane, ultra sonic sensors, humidity, temperature and pressure sensors and weather stations. The manufacturers are e.g. Thies, Vaisala, NRG, Galltec and Ammonit. In measurement masts we mainly use Ammonit Meteo-40x data loggers.


Sodar we use is AQ500 that is manufactured by AQSystem and is designed for Nordic conditions. Measurement heights are 50-200m.


Lidar equipment we use are manufactured by ZephIR and Leosphere. They are designed for arctic conditions. Measurement heights are 10-200m.

Wind measurement audits

Are you unsure of the installation of your measurement system or is financing body requiring measurement audit?


We inspect met mast systems, sodars and lidars at the measurement site, all the documentation regarding to the equipment and installation as well as analyze the data quality. Customer will receive detailed report that includes all remarks of the measurement and possible deficiencies.

Lidar ZephIR 300

Sodar AQ500


We provide calibration according to MEASNET guide lines for wind measurement sensors. Calibration is recommended to be done before and after measurement campaign. For long term measurements recommended calibration interval is two years.


Sodar and lidar units are sent to calibration at the manufacturers premises. For sodar and lidar units we provide also comparison against mast measurements.

Installation, maintenance and operation

We install, service and decommission all types of wind measurement systems. We do installations as turnkey projects. Each work phase is documented and all events are registered in to the measurement log.  


Maintenance service includes also automatic data collection, data follow up and quality checks.

Power supply

We sell, rent and service mobile power units to provide electricity to wind measurement systems in places where grid is not available.


Typically power unit includes solar panels and diesel generator that has automatic control and remote monitoring.


Units can be constructed in trailer or small sea container. Power output ranges from 100W to 2kW continuous nominal power with 12/24/48Vdc or 230Vac input. The unit will be prepared according to the electricity requirements of the measurement system.


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