Wind power maintenance

We have done wind turbine maintenance and service since 2008. Our employees are well qualified by following trainings:
GWO - safety (working at heights), electrical safety, working with live voltage, occupational safety and first aid course.
Periodic maintenance and inspections

The services and check outs are implemented according to the power plant manufacturer's instructions. Every power plant must have a scheduled service plan and service instructions.

Service and fault repairs of control systems

We are specialized in wind power plant control systems service and fault repairs. Our staff have qualifications in electronics and automation systems. We repair and service frequency converters, rotor blade pitch control and other control systems of wind turbines. We repair also hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


With our cooperation partners we can offer generator and gearbox maintenance, repair and replacements.

Spare parts

We procure spare parts from the turbine manufacturer or component supplier. For older turbines we use quality second source components when the original components are no longer available from market.

We take care of purchasing and logistics of the components. We do also installation of components and spare parts we supply.

Component replacement

Component replacements are conducted efficiently with proper planning and timetable so that production losses can be minimized. Urgent component replacements are done right away when new parts are available and the weather conditions allows the work to be done.

Troubleshooting and service

In case of failure we do troubleshooting and specify the required spare parts and plan the service.


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