Solar Measurement

Our measurement campaign lasts a minimum of 12-months – our experienced service ensures accurate data collection and
continuous system performance monitoring

At Hafmex, we offer a comprehensive turnkey solar measurement service for utility-scale
photovoltaic (PV) projects. Also request site adaptation post-measurement fro your project to receive a comprehensive solar resource assessment report

Solar resource assessment solutions

Services in solar

According to Client requirements, we provide the best and highest-quality sensors and
measuring devices suitable for the most demanding site conditions:

  • Pyranometers (GHI, POA, Albedo)
  • Anemometers: Conventional and Ultrasonic
  • Wind vanes
  • meteorological sensory (humidity, temperature and pressure, as well as multisensory weather stations
  • Soiling measurement solutions

The measuring instruments we use are top-of-the-line, manufactured by companies such as Thies
Clima, Vaisala, NRG, Galltec, Hykseflux, Kipp&Zonen, Lyfft, and Ammonit.

Our services include:

  • System Transportation, Installation, and Commissioning
  • Routine maintenance
  • Monitoring and maintenance of systems
  • Throubleshooting
  • Equipment and Spare Parts Sales
  • Sensor Calibration and Verification services

Hafmex offers the best solutions for customer projects with Vaisala, NRG System, Ammonit solar measurement systems

Your solution is customized on a project-by-project basis

Please find more information of systems from supplier(s) product page

Vaisala Oyj

NRG Systems Ltd.

Ammonit Measurement GmbH
Solar Resource Assessment

How a solar measurement project progresses with us


Define and inspect the site conditions
Plan the solar measurement solution and energy system
Creating work and safety plans
Setting project schedules

Calibration of measuring devices

Calibration of weather measurement devices before campaign start

Siting and site preparation

Obtain necessary building permits and other approvals
Perform device siting and recording of site conditions
Perform ground work for installing measuring devices


Deliver measuring devices and systems to the site
Installation and commissioning of systems
Provide written report on the completed installation to the Client


Monitor the operation of measurement and energy systems
Conduct periodic and routine maintenance
Report events and maintenance visits to the client

Measurement data

Automatical collect and back up measurement data on our server
Monitor the quality of measurement data
Share measurement data with the client via FTP Server / SharePoint / Email


After the project ends, dismantle and remove the measuring devices from
the site

Cleaning of site
Perform post-calibration for the measurement sensors (if needed)
Provide final report to the Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent out measuring devices?

Hafmex rents solar measurement systems and wind measurement equipment on a project-by-project basis. Buying systems is also a possible option depending on need and demand

Do you install customer-owned equipment?

Regarding customer-owned equipment, yes, we install, maintain, and repair customer-owned measuring devices and systems. These include Sodars, Lidars, measuring masts, solar assessment systems
and power supply systems.

For example, when it comes to Lidars, our installation process adheres to the following
standards and guidelines:
– IEC 61400-50-2 Ed.1 (2022): Wind measurement – Application of ground-mounted
remote sensing technology.
– IEA Wind RP 15: Ground-Based, Vertically-Profiling Remote Sensing for Wind
Resource Assessment (2013).
– MEASNET Evaluation of site-specific wind conditions, V3 (2022).
– Manufacturer’s guidelines: Windcube V2.1 User manual (Vaisala 2022).

Hafmex has extensive experience in operating remote sensing wind measurement devices
since 2010. Additionally, we are a Vaisala L1 certified lidar operator

Are the measuring devices provided by Hafmex calibrated?

As for calibration, all measuring devices supplied by Hafmex are calibrated. We perform
calibrations either with the device manufacturers or at accredited calibration facilities. The
calibration certificate is provided along with the measuring device.

What kind of warranty do Hafmex’s supplied measuring devices have?

For the equipment we supply, there is a 12-month material warranty for newly delivered
measuring devices and systems

Does Hafmex provide power supply systems?

Regarding power supply systems, we rent, sell, and maintain mobile hybrid systems
primarily for electrifying weather measurement stations in locations without access to the
power grid. These systems typically combine solar panels and diesel generators. Remote
monitoring and control are managed via remote connections. We also have experience
with fuel cell systems such as EFOY, and we have the capacity to monitor and perform
routine maintenance for these systems

How long does the measurement campaign last?

Generally, we recommend solar measurements lasting at least 12 months to have data for full “solar year”, preferably even
longer. This allows us to assess solar resource patterns throughout different seasons